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91% - 100%



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After Market


Gerenal Box

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North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Mid East,Africa,Oceania

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Function: in the hydraulic system, used to filter out solid particles in the working medium and the gel material, effective control of pollution caused by themedia. The series filter is a filter made with imported equipment after the replacement of the product, can replace MP-FILTRI filter to use.
Performance: filtration accuracy of 1 ~ 100μm.
Working pressure (MAX): 21MPa.
Working medium: general hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic oil, emulsion, water - ethylene glycol.
Operating temperature: -30  ~ +110 .
Metallurgy: used rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system and a variety of lubrication equipment, filtration filter.
Petrochemical: oil refining, chemical production process of products and intermediate products of separation and recycling, cleaning fluids, tapes, CDs and photographic film in the manufacture of clean, oil and gas injection wells in addition to particulate filters
MP-filter types
CU100A25V HP3202P03AN MR1003M90A
CU100M10N HP3202P03VN MR1003P10A
CU100M125N HP3202P10AN MR1004A03A
CU100M125V HP3202P10VN MR1004A10A
CU100M250N HP3202P25AN MR1004A25A
CU100M250N HP3202P25VN MR2503A03A
CU100M250V HP3202T10AH MR2503A06A
CU100M25N HP3202T10VH MR2503A10A
CU100M25N HP3202T25AH MR2503A25A
CU200M90N HP3203M25AN MR6302A03A
CU200P10N HP3203M25VN MR6302A03V
CU200P25N HP3203M60AN MR6302A06A
CU250A03N HP3203M60VN MR6302A06V
CU250A03V HP3203P03AN MR6304A03A
CU250A06N HP3203P03VN MR6304A03V
CU250M25N HP3204A03VH MR8501A03A
CU250M25V HP3204A03VN MR8501A03V
CU250M60N HP3204A06AH MR8501A06A
CU250M60V HP3204A06AN SF530M90
CU250M60WB HP3204A06VH SF540M25
CU250M60WV HP3204A06VN SF540M250
CU250M90N HP3204A10AH SF540M60
CU250M90N HP3204A10AN SF540M90
CU250M90V HP3204A10VH SSF540MCV
CU250P10N HP3204A10VN STR100-1BG2M60
CU250P10V HP3204A25AH STR100-1BG2M90
CU250P25N HP3204A25AN STR100-1SG2M60
CU250P25V HP3204A25VH STR100-1SG2M90
CU25A10N HP3204A25VN STR100-2BG2M60
CU25A25N HP3204M10AN STR100-2BG2M90
CU25M10N HP3204M10VN STR100-5SG2M60
CU350A06V HP3204P25VN STR140-4SG2M90
CU350A10N HP3204T10AH STR140-5BG2M60
CU350A10V HP3204T10VH STR140-5BG2M90
CU350A25N HP3204T25AH STR140-5SG2M60
CU350A25V HP3204T25VH STR140-5SG2M90
CU350M10N HP4789 STR140-6BG2M60
CU350M125N HP6306 STR140-6BG2M90
CU350M125V M1A03HA STR140-6SG2M60
CU350M250N M1A03HV STR140-6SG2M90
CU350M250V M1A03NA SF515-M60
CU350M25N M1A03NV SF515-M90
CU350M25V M1A06HA SF520-M125
CU350M60N M1A06HV SF520-M25
CU350M60V M1A06NA SF520-M250
CU350M90N M1A06NV SF520-M60
CU350M90N M1A10HA SF520-M90
CU350M90V M1A10HV SF530M25
CU350P10N M1A10NA HP1352A10AN
CU350P10V M1A10NV HP1352A10VH
CU350P25N M1A25HA HP1352A10VN
CU350P25V M1A25HV HP1352A25AH
CU40A03N M1A25NA HP1352A25AN
CU40M25N MF0201A10NB HP1352P10VN
CU40M25V MF0201A10NV HP1352P25AN
CU40M60N MF0201M125NB HP1352P25VN
CU40M60V MFMF0201M25NB HP1352T10AH
CU40M90N MF0201M25NV HP1352T10VH
CU40M90V MF0201M60NB HP1352T25AH
CU40P10N MF0201M60NV HP1352T25VH
CU40P10V MF0201M90NB HP3201A03AH
CU40P25N MF0201M90NV HP3201A03AN
CU40P25V MF0201P10NB HP3201A03VH
CU630A03N MF0201P10NV HP3201A03VN
CU630A03V MF0201P25NB HP3201A06AH
CU630M25N MF0202A10NB HP3201M10AN
CU630M25V MF0202A10NV HP3201M10VN
CU630M60N MF0202A25HB HP3201M25AN
CU630M60V MF0202A25HB HP3201M25VN
CU630M90N MF0202A25HV HP3201M60AN
CU630M90N MF0202A25HV HP3201M60VN
CU630M90V MF0202A25NB HP3201P03AN
CU630P10N MF0202A25NB HP3201P03VN
CU630P10V MF0202A25NV HP3201P10AN
CU630P25N MF0202A25NV HP3201P10VN
CU630P25V MF0202M125NB HP3201P25AN
CU730A10N MF0202M125NV MR8501A06V
CU730A25N MF0202M25NB MR8501A10A
CU730M10N MF0202M25NV MR8501P10V
CU730M250N MF0202M60NB MR8501P25A
CU730M25N MF0202M60NV MR8501P25V
CU730M60N MF0202M90NB MR8502A03A
CU730M90N MF0202M90NV MR8502A03V
CU730P10N MF0202P10NB MR8502A06A
CU850M10V MF0203A06NV MR8502M90A
CU850M250N MF0203A10HB MR8502M90V
CU850M250V MF0203A10HV MR8502P10A
CU850M25N MF0203A10NB MR8502P10V
CU850M25V MF0203A10NV MR8502P25A
CU850M60N MF0203A25HB MR8503M60V
CU850M60V MF0203A25HV MR8503M90A
CU850M90N MF0203A25NB MR8503M90A
CU850M90V MF0203A25NV MR8503M90V
CU850P10N MF0203M125NB MR8503P10A
CU850P10V MF0203M125NV MR8503P10V
CU850P25N MF0203M25NB MR8503P25A
CU850P25V MF0203M25NV MR8504P25A
HP0371A03AN MF0203M60NB MR8504P25V
HP0371A03AV MF0203M60NV SF250M25
HP0371A06AN MF0203M90NB SF250P25
HP0371A06AV MF0203M90NV SF503-M125
HP0371A10AN MF0203P10NB SF503-M25
HP0371A10AV MF0203P10NV SF503-M250
HP0371A25AN MF0203P25NB SF503-M60
HP0371A25AV MF0203P25NV SF503-M90
HP0371P25AV MF1001A03NB MF1002P25NV
HP0372A03AN MF1001A03NV MF1003A03HB
HP0372A03AV MF1001A06HB MF1003A03HV
HP0372A06AN MF1001A06HV MF1003A03NB
HP0372A06AV MF1001A06NB MF1003A03NV
HP0372A10AN MF1001A06NV MF1003A06HB


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